Kiteboarding addict and inventor of the Mega Loop, Ruben Lenten, is an icon within the industry and role model for the next generation. Fascinated by the power and dynamics of the sport, he’s committed to pushing the limits and sharing his passion with the world.


Hailing from the small beach town of Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Ruben’s career started early. Obvious to many that this kid housed a lot of natural talent, he hit the scene with a bang and never looked back. Following his heart and guided by the wind Ruben uses his passion for kiteboarding to realise his dreams. For 18 years the inventor of the megaloop has been travelling the world and the seven seas to ride the most epic conditions, perform crazy stunts whilst meeting amazing people from all cultures and see the most beautiful places.


Ruben always loves meeting new people. That’s why he created the LEN10 Experience. Now all kiters can experience the life that Ruben loves so much and improve their kiteboarding skills at the same time. The LEN10 Experience is all about having a great time, kiting the best spots, and sharing the passion for kiteboarding and life with amazing people all around the world. 


We offer a high quality all inclusive concept. Expect beautiful accommodation, amazing healthy food, transport, individual and group coaching, theory lessons, yoga, amazing sessions and of course the usual after kite celebrations.


You don't have to worry about a thing, just enjoy your holiday and do what you love.


We hope that you’re excited about joining us for one of our LEN10 Experience trips and would love to hear from you regarding any questions, suggestions and/or bookings you may have. 

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