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Casey Porter

I spent Nov 3rd-9th 2019 with Ruben and Nikki for their Brazil Len10 Experience. It was absolutely AMAZING!! The prep and attention to detail was awesome. Every day is planned out with meals, travel to the best kiting spots and training. You don't have to worry about anything.
You could be a top level kiter, all the way down to a first timer and still have the time of your life! Every "camper", if you will, in my group also made my week unforgettable! It was so cool to meet people from all over the world, that were of all different kiting skill levels, that all became my great friends by the end of the week! The Len10 Experience staff that helps with all aspects of the experience are all very welcoming and extremely nice as well.
Ruben and Nikki's hard work and planning that goes into these Experiences really shows. Their planning and preparation shows on day one and continues straight through the week. You can really tell that they both care about each and every person, staff or camper, and truly put their hearts into making your Experience the best that they can. This is truly the Len10's Experience, with unlimited access to both of them the entire time you're there. From the meals we all had together, to the kiting and just hanging out on the beach, they both will be there with you.
This is an amazing experience that everyone should do.
If you're like I was, wondering if I should go on one of these experiences, I say DO IT!! You will defiantly be glad you did!
I can remember when I was first looking at this experience online, watching the Len10 YouTube videos and wondering if I should do this trip. I am not only happy that I went on this trip, but am also excited for the next Len10 Experience that I WILL be going on! I came away from this week with new friends and a much better understanding kiting. Not just being better at kiting, but also understanding kite theory. The "why am I doing this or doing that with the kite". I now have new AWESOME friends and new travel buddies that I can't wait to see again!!

Thank you, Ruben and Nikki, for such amazing trip! Much love to both of you and I can't wait to hang with you guys again soon! (Next trip I will NOT be starting off with a hooked front roll to beach slam though! haha)





Roel van Kempen

Thanks 🙏 Nikki, Ruben and crew!! Had an awesome Len10 experience last November in Jericoacoara! Great people, beautiful places, the best kitespots and a lot of fun. Whether your a beginner, a pro or anything in between the Len10 crew will make sure you’ll have an unforgettable Experience 👌🏻👌🏻



len10 experience

Scott Hartman

Exceeded my expectations!

Did a week in Cape Town with Ruben and Nikki for the Len10 Experience and it was Epic! They have so much local knowledge, such fun and positive attitudes, and Ruben is such a Legend kiteboarder that every detail on every day was just right.

Our private chef made sure there was always amazing fresh food, and Ruben always made sure the drinks were flowing and music was pumping.

Beside the kiting, we did yoga by the pool, hit a cable park with the Dirty Habits boys, had a professional wine tasting, did classroom kite theory, swam with penguins, and toasted champagne to sunset at a secret spot. Also loved the group that was chosen for the week, made some great friends and had a blast with everyone everyday.

Of course Ruben has the kite spots wired and he and Luke made sure we hit the right spot for the wind each day. I was able to ride a board and kite set-up of Ruben's and a board and kite set-up of Luke's, while getting feedback on my riding, the gear, and the conditions. Tons of great time on the water, epic sunset downwinders, perfect gear support and cold beer and good music after each session (thanks Luke!).

Thanks Ruben and Nikki, much love, can't wait to do the next experience!




Gustaf Bohman

If you want to go on a kite adventure/trip you definitely should join the Len10 experience.

I have so much great things to tell about this week, it’s hard to know where to start and how to summarize it. I went on the experience to Brazil, Nov 2019, together with my partner and this week is a memory for life for both of us!!

Ruben and Nikki is such loving hosts, along with an amazing support team helping out on and off water, making sure it was the most warm and joyful experience for everyone joining. This week was filled with, of course, kitesurfing at some of the worlds best spots, beautiful downwinders, world class food, laughter, love, new friends for life and much more.
No matter kite level, Ruben and his friends will definitely bring your skills to the next level. I’m really impressed with the progress of each one during this week.

I can assure you an adventure of a lifetime so take the opportunity to join Ruben and Nikki on this experience.
And if you have any questions about the trip, from a participant point of view, you’re more than welcome to send me a dm.





Siobhan Warrender

My partner and I Booked onto Len10 experience in Brazil for a birthday treat, and it was more than we could of ever hoped for!! The organisation was 10/10, the group of people were such a laugh and the villa we stayed in was stunning! The private chef’s food was excellent and Ruben and Nikki went above and beyond to make our birthday trip so special! The kiting spots and downwinders were the best we’ve ever been on!! Would 100% book on another trip to meet more likeminded kiters from around the world!




Marcel de Vries

The perfect kite trip if you want to seriously upgrade your skills and have lots of fun. Ruben and Nikki are the most genuine hosts who make sure all your needs are met and might just come up with several great surprises during your stay. All the food was superb! My personal (kiting) goals have been met and I've really grown as a kiter.

5/5 would experience again!


€ 2250,-

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